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if you a long time reader at paktua.id , you should remember when i’m boasting about how i will resign in certain x time after start trading, it is 712 days left till THE DAY. yup. you read it right, i’m not boasting, i wrote it here again because i want to challenging myself to walk my talk, to try my best everyday. hence i do not really care about the result. (of course i want to resign dearly)

how confident i’m about resigning in 712 days? before answering how confident i’m, i need to state that i’m NOT talking about resign because i hate my job, i love my job, although the money is meh, but the social impact is sometimes really big, so it has a good sense of self actualization, like i wrote 3 or 4 years ago, i just want to live life in my term. and have better options.

and one more to discuss is we should agree about wealth level i should be when i’m resigning. here’s some popular ideas on the net on what we should do/have before quitting our job

Save at least six months’ expenses

as per today, i have six years safety net even if i multiply my monthly expense by 4. all this because i rarely have a liability, i do not have a house nor any vehicle that make me throwing money. i live a simple life, no tv, only internet, bedrooms and kitchen. the bad news is i do not have multiple income streams. my monthly paycheck is the only solid income stream, my trading return is still not worth mention

in 712 days i hope i have at least 15 years of safety net with super-performance trading return

live on (much) less

still not married and having a 9-5 job with almost all my daily expense fully funded by my office is a advantage, i’m also a cave man who prefer sleeping than many other things

in 712 days i hope i’m a happy married man with understanding wife and kids that can live a good life without need to copy other people happy life

filling the gap

i’m planning still doing a ‘job’ after quitting. a flexible-time hustle that can give me a good income stream, one on my mind is building this site as a service (maybe) or write a book, or a course

trading, writing and giving service is my top need-to-learn-to-be-better-everyday-hustle, beside i really like a doing a business, sometimes ago i have a really good ecommerce website, but now it’s closed. maybe i’ll restart it again.

there you go, now is time to walk the talk.

wish me luck and may Allah SWT help me. amiin

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