Ahok, CORONA and Investing

stay sharp dick head

i’m a person who believe for every subject there’s an expert for it, so we as a common people who doesn’t know a damn about the subject should let the expert do the talking. if it about health let the doctor do it, if it about religion let the Imam do it, if it about science let our teacher explain it. the more we let common people jumping and giving their thought on the subject, the more they clouded by their biases, that is BAD for us. common people only use their common sense when they talk about subject they do not understand fully. and common sense is build by our experience, it rarely can be rely on. sometimes it’s spot on, but mostly not.

We’ve seen this phenomena many times now, Pilkada 2017 when the issue is dominated by religious issue. Everybody suddenly become and expert in their religion, now they have a perspective. also when 2019 election we seen this kind of things, when the quick count result doesn’t match some group expectation, suddenly people talk about their “it skill”, data mining skill etc. dude, this is like a twist version of Feedback Loop From Hell Mark Manson’s. the more stupid people jumping to the wagon, the more we in deep shit in our biases, this very dangerous. because our pride wont let us lose in a debate. so it clouded our judgement, and our argument.

it’s bad for us, we should stay level. once we react, maybe we already trapped in our biases.

so now everybody talking about coronavirus, some do not trust China data, some applaud their approach, some even do not trust their own government data, some keep pushing government to do lock down and so on. they talk only with their common sense with no data. mad lads everywhere.

and since we’ll have a 2 weeks “holiday”, one issue will enter the public discussion is investing. you know why? because we do not have things to do. and no better magnet other than money. bear market will attract “common people” to invest, trading and so on.

over the next few days, weeks and probably months, you’re going to be hearing from a lot of people about what you’re should be doing with your money. you’ve seen this everyday now at stockbit.

mad lads.

we already hearing jokes about potential baby birth explosion in the next nine months, we’ll maybe gonna see many new rich/broke man/women in coming months.

stay sharp guys.

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