it’s a trap. it’s a click bait…

but since you’re here, this article will show you that if this year you trade consciously, you should only have a hand full trades, because a good setup is pretty rare. so.. feel free to continue reading

here at blisaham, we like to buy a breakout setup, preferably in a strong relative strength stock, the main characteristic is there’s should be a clear – well define boundaries. but you also knew that a breakout setup is not always a go-to setup all the time, you can’t just presume that you should take all breakout setup. that’s gonna kill you.

let’s see some chart.


as seen above, only 2 times we get buy signal from AALI. in 7months only 2 valid buy signal. one is okay, one force to sell at the blue line.


only 1 buy signal happen in 7 months.


no signal for PTBA since the beginning of the year, both attempt of breakout is false breakout


only 1 signal for BMRI when the price broke 8050, but it’s now at critical level at the support line.


unless you good at catching V shape rebound, we do not have a clear buy signal from TKIM all year long!


ERAA is the only generous one even only have 1 signal buy.

so, like i state at the beginning of this article, that i will show you that if this year you trade consciously, you should only have a hand full trades, only 5 times! these example may seem have biases, but my point is from 5 stocks from different sectors, it only gave us 5 valid signal buy in 7 months!! heck!

we already past the mid year, if you a breakout trader and you have more than 5 trades, or if you are ‘buy at support type’ or whatever your approach is, this time of year is a good time to do some review.

the goal is to get feedback and picture of what actually you did in the last 6 months. you can say that you are a discipline breakout trader, or an ‘always calculate risk first’ trader, everybody can claim whatever they want, but the true you are always shown from your action.

hope this help. thanks for reading.

and if you like our approach, you can join us by donating at campaign at our front page or you can chose your own charity.  after donating, email me at or mention @blisaham. then i’ll add you to our telegram group and we’ll have a fun day ahead.

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