if you followed this blog, i’ve wrote about what i think must be a super-performance-trader traits, well, you cant find that article, my stupid web hosting provider corrupt my database, it’s all gone. but i remember wrote that in my opinion one of this traits is super trader have tendency to be a lone(ly) trader. why? because a super performance trader knew what he want, what to do and when to do his system. he do not need any added noise from others trader or platform.

so being a lone wolf is sort of how his system build, it’s some kind self defense system. from who? from not-enlightened-yet trader, who like to brag about his system, how good he/she was, what he bought and sold today, what news should be considered etc. imho, these kind of trader are bring more bad effect than good. better be avoided.

trapped in a platform full of bullshit can bring harm to your performance in long term. it can makes you give too many fucks about things that don’t matter make us feel bad about ourselves. Mark Manson called this as Feedback Loop From Hell, it’s happen when you feel a certain feeling for some reason (or no obvious reason at all) and having this feeling makes you feel even worse.

For example:

you get pissed off because others traders brag about how he good he predict the price movement, even when the price only move 1-2% then you realize you are pissed off for a tiny matter even worst it’s none of your business. Now you’re pissed off about yourself being pissed off. this called Feedback Loop From Hell. all because to many fucks given.

The solution is to not give a fuck about negative experiences (anxiety, anger, guilt, fear etc.). It’s okay having these feelings and feel like shit sometimes. Don’t make it worse by beating yourself up for feeling that way.

or just avoid these kind of people or platform. yes. such as your favorite telegram group that constantly bragging about their profit, or stockbit. if these people or platform can’t make you better or advantages in your edge. better leave it.

please, help yourself.

or you can help others by donating to our latest charity movement at the front page or you can chose your own charity.  after donating, email me at or mention @blisaham. then i’ll add you to our telegram group and we’ll have a fun day ahead. i promise no BS. :fingercross:

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