it’s a sense

I just watched Eddie Woo ted talk here. i watched it before (maybe last couple years) and maybe only just now i fully understand it.

he talk about math as a sense, just like music or tasting, his argument is if we understand that our universe filled with pattern, you will be a math person, for example if we understand that tree branch and lightning has same fractal-ed geometry, then with that understanding plus our math insight about fractal we learned at school, we’ll see the world differently… another example is if we understand that sunflower and our body structure follow same fibonacci number.. it’s will blow you mind, you’ll see the world differently. you’ll keep checking about pattern that universe give you.

so, if we has a good sense of math (plus it’s insight) we’ll see things differently, for every object we encounter, we will see it differently because our system 1 (part of our brain) will give us the object correlation to our math-insight. and that’s how you become good at math in life.

just like sense of music, for every person that blessed with high sense of music, every sound for them is different, it’s evoke their sense and give them ‘taste’ of the sound. we as normal people who doesn’t have that, we’ll hear the sound as it is, nothing special. i remember that in one of NPR podcast that some music-person even see sound as color.. this logic also can be applied in sense of taste, i personally have a low sense of taste with no favorite food, my go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner is rice and some dish. for me all is either sweet, sour, salty, spicy or bland. that’s all the variety taste for every food i ate. but will it’s be the same for tastefull-person? i doubt it. they sense taste differently

this knowledge made me realize that why i see programming differently when i graduated. in my college time, i cant do any programming because i cant understand it, they teach us about fuzzy logic, and suddenly they ask me to code some OS kernel program, dude. i hate it, for 4 long years i always felt stupid. cant understand it. and in the same time some of my friend so brilliant and ingenious when it come to code. hate it. then something happen when i’m making my final essay, i slowly see “coding” properly. after that, i confidently claim that i can code regardless the programming language. yes. i got the enlightenment, the sense of coding.

but just like other sense, all need to trained. maybe some of us “born” with it, some not, it’s all can be learned with time, good teacher and insight.

and how about trading? as mentioned above that our universe filled with pattern. stock trading particularly technical analysis approach are based on price pattern analysis. matter a fact, you like it or not price move in pattern, not always, but mostly. we named it as triangle pattern, cup and handle, head and shoulder etc. you know it better.

so, with knowledge above, what we can do to be better at trading? as mentioned, we should have a good sense of pattern, and with accurate insight. for example. for example we knew that market NOW in high volatility period (this is insight), seeing banking and other blue chips stocks moving 3-5% day after day is the prove. so what other insights we have in a high volatility period? we understand that in this kind of volatility, pattern trading approach is USELESS (this also insight). hahaha. there, i said it. you know i’m right

you get the idea, it’s a better sense we need to develop to be better trader, and of course a accurate insight. plus if you can, be mindfull for every trade you take. because if we manage our portfolio with emotions, it’s a exhausting ride. mentally and physically

one last message for you all. Don’t Force Trades

hope you enjoy reading. thanks

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