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In 1992, a cargo container filled with more than 28,000 rubber ducks plunged into the North Pacific, and spent more than ten years (!!) floating around the world. By studying the travelogue of the ducks, scientists were later able to gather enough data to predict the dynamics of objects floating in the oceans.

Their research inspired them to create Adrift—an interactive map, that allows users to explore how all kinds of objects drift through the ocean, from rubber ducks to plastic pollution, and where each object might end up if it is washed out to sea from your beach.

cool isn’t it? rubber duck rule!

blisaham maybe the only stock analysis group that doesn’t give any recommendation since early August, like the duck, we drifting at the sea of market volatility, . why? basically we can’t find enough reason to participate, no wind or wave strong enough to attempting us to set sails.

although the advice is if you want to catch the wind, you’ve got to put out your sail, we need to thinking long-term. because trading is a bit different, for every trade we take we risk a good amount of capital and with this kind of market environment, pretty sure it will cost us not only money but also our mental capital.

here at blisaham we like to buy a breakout setup, preferably in a strong relative strength stock, so market environment is big part of our analysis, now day is easy to find a reason to NOT take trade, as long as the market structure cannot close above diagonal line (look at 22/07 and 01/08 high) that act as resistent maybe we still be ghosting along in a breeze of market that barely ruffles the sea surface

this move allow us to avoid whipsaw, due the sideways market will often comprise of brief periods of strong price action in one direction that will often reverse shortly after, it is not worth trading because the distance the market is moving between reversals is not big enough to allow for a good risk reward ratio.

we must protect our capital, both money and mental. taking a break is a strategic move for a long term career.

so, it’s gonna take time to us to post a new stockpick article, meanwhile go see some NRP tiny dest concert here, enjoy

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