have you ever feel frustrated why you keep breaking your trading system rules, doing impulsive an unprepared buy, keep changing methods. you do understand that you keep doing a stupid things and you try to not to but cant stop doing it. maybe, maybe you’re not a trader yet. you only claim that you’re a trader, not be one.

everybody can say what he want to be, but who they are actually are shown through what they did, like you and me. we can claim that we’re a trader, but we keep failing to become discipline trader, keep doing what i mention above, so maybe.. maybe we’re not a trader yet? feel free to reflect to what we did daily, maybe we’re closer to an analysis, maybe we just a commentator or even we just an adrenaline junkie who love losing money.

three layer of behavior change

James Clear in his book said there a three layer of behavior change, the outer one is outcomes, followed by processes and identity, he said that if you want to change your outcome, the best approach is change your identity. because in this level most of believe, assumptions, biases are associated in this level .. okay, what i want to say is, that this level, what identity you have inside, has direct effect your behavior outcomes. so if you wonder why you still doing shits as a trader, maybe you are not a trader on identify level?

heck, i’m not an analyst, i’m a trader you said. okay. even when you did somethings that traders do, it doesn’t mean that they already a trader, maybe you only do things trader do occasionally, you not understand and grasp it to the identity level, in other word what you do it’s not a habit yet. what do you mean by identity level? well, if you ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book, you should’ve understand that there are 4 profession quadrant. employee, self employed, business owner and investor. think this 4 professions as identify, every each one of them has their traits and set of mindset for each profession. someone as a self employed wont dwell much on how big the margin, a self employed more focus on keeping the cash flow. investor focus multiply their asset etc. each profession has a specific traits, mindset, and believes. just like trader, analyst and investor. each has it’s own way.

until you have and did the specific traits, mindset and believes a trader should has, that’s when you can claim yourself a trader. so, the question is what the traders should have? for this question. you should contemplate it by yourself. but do not forget, knowing the answer for that question doesn’t mean you become a trader. the traits must shown through what you did as a habit

how do you know the traits become your habit? once you grasp the ‘trader identity’ and show should shown on your trade outcomes. this called identity based habit.

identity based habit

or when someone hand you a stock analysis from some broker, and you tell them you’re not interested because you’re a trader. if you see this kind of pattern. you should proud by your self, you’re a trader now.

but it doesn’t mean you will be a profitable one. not yet. 😛

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