Mind Rat Race

ever heard of rat race? or financial rat race? as per common knowledge, a person entering rat race is when they has a time consuming job which he desperately needs in order to be able to pay mortgage, rent, bills, credit card debt and all kind of liabilities. 9-5 jobs, that’s how people define a rat race.

But, imho, any person who in this “desperately needs in order to be able to pay” stage, are a rat race-r. whether he has a job or not. regardless how big their income. for me it’s all the same.

it is bad? well it perceived as not ideal situation, and i have slightly different opinion. for me as long as the person enjoy what their doing, it’s O-K. a rat racer is not a bad life. but, doesn’t people WANT to be free? want a lot of spare time, yes? WANT is very different from NEED. you think you need a lot of free time? well, no you not, doing work from home for the last 2 months teach us that we do not need a LOT, we just need a balance time, for “work” and for enjoying our life.

if rat race is not bad, so what’s bad? mind rat race is. if financial rat race are tangled up in life for making money then seeing it gone after paying liabilities.

mind rat race is when we in deep feedback loop with our common sense. we’are so deep that we wont take new perspective. feedback loop in hell.

it’s like echo chamber, we have confidence so high for our common sense and believe, and it’s amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside our head, our community, our system. without realizing it’s not the truth. it’s a perception issue, it is very difficult for someone to recognize it and break away from it.

so the question is, do you a mind rat race-r?  

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