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Reading is the best way to scale your learning, writing is the best way to scale your thinking.

by not writing for almost a month long make me thinking is my brain stuck? hem.. maybe because my last books is a fiction from Mitch Albom? it’s a good read for softening our heart, cant find any correlation to trading. .. although i’m in the middle of reading Oliver Sacks’s and re-reading Cris Voss’s. i still cant push my self creatively to write a ‘trading article’ from the books.

why not writing about the market? well the market still sucks? as you can see in our watchlist page we do not post anything since 07 November. last Friday all big property company making a move. is the long awaited window dressing finally come? maybe, we do not know. for us, the market still need give more evidences to prove this is a reversal, maybe market add several more green days then a short correction before the final leg kicking in.

looking at the market setup and some stocks price, many trader or even investor will try to outsmart the market by predicting the bottom, some will got it right, but mostly don’t, should really be careful from your ‘want to get rich’ self. focus on your strength

your strength is your edge, do you know your edge? this is when journaling come handy, but if you never do journal, it’s okay, many journaling-trader never do post analysis, so it just waste of time. you just need to remember and pay attention from your winning, learn the feedback from market. here some example

you have 2 strategy, buy on breakout and buy on support, take a long at chart from you previous stocks, which one has more move like you planned? or which one bring more food the table? that’s your feed back from market. that’s you strength. focus on that one.

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