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it’s actually makes me wonder, why the hell i lost my consistency in writing? early at my college time i did wrote daily at backtrackbox (my old web), so it’s not so hard when in 2014 i make a pledge to write weekly, since this website still using a wordpress subdomain, changing to i think i did pretty good job. but since last year something happen to me. life happen. i read a book.

Siddhartha, thats’ the book title, it’s a fiction book, here’s the plots (copied from

Siddhartha centers on the spiritual quest of its title character. Dissatisfied with the ritualistic religious upbringing of his youth, Siddhartha leaves his home with his companion Govinda to join a group of ascetics who have renounced the pleasures of the world in favor of religious meditation.
Siddhartha remains unsatisfied and turns to a life opposite to that of the Samanas. He embraces the pleasures of the material world and abandons himself to these experiences. Eventually, he becomes disillusioned with the decadence of this life and again wanders in search of spiritual wholeness. His quest for enlightenment is finally achieved when he meets a simple ferryman and comes to understand the true nature of the world and himself.

it’s easy read, fascinating, i thing this book has same genre like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari or Alchemist, read both but no impact, bu this book was different, it’s hit home run for me.

it’s has different impact due this (maybe) happen at the same time i also learn more about my religion. by learning more is meaning i follow 2 ustadzs with salafi approach, i think this enlightenment really make me more religious. materialistic value is okay, but i become more afraid about my good deeds, focusing to do the obligation as exampled from alquran and sunnah and preventing my self to not doing bad deeds.

so is this enlightenment make me losing steam to write? maybe

did i reach inflection points in my self development?? maybe

choosing to take salafi path, sometimes it feels like world is collapsing around me, i honestly feel vulnerable, isolated & sometimes uncomfortable. but maybe this is what you feel when you evolving. so that’s the reason why i losing interest talking / writing about stocks.

From now on and maybe for some period of times, you’ll read some matter that are simply the ones that vibrate with my energy, the ones that feel fit on my journey. And life for me is now simply; finding inner peace, evolving as a good person and living my passions. The rest is just fluff.

thanks for reading

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