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if world categorize books as fiction and non fiction, i propose a new sub categorize for fiction book, why and howto categorize, imho, all books is a Why book and Howto book, why book is a book that take deep perspective / discussion of some issue, i called it a why aspect, the issue can be anything, from brain to gene, mostly all the book do is explaining why the idea is important (or worth to read), then giving us some example how the idea works in real world. the other one is howto book, it’s pretty straight forward, it s a book that teach how you do -what the book explaining-, it’s take a deep dive on the practical aspect.

in trading world is easy to find such a book, many book giving us instruction how to read chart, draw trendline etc is a howto book, but sometimes we find a book that only explaining some method is works in trading but not giving us how to do it, like Michael Covel books, it’s all Why book, the books just giving us the idea of trend following approach is actually work.

most self development books also a why book, they try to enlighten us so we can be a better person. thinking fast and slow, thinking in bets original, black swan etc is a why-self-development-book. the books do not teach us how become better, but it’s give us the knowledge to be better. and if you want a good howto book, Tim Ferris is a how to writer, also atomic habit is howto book.

why i wrote this? because why books are mainly my source of idea for writing. i stop reading any self development books then try to read some fiction. and that’s maybe why i do not have many trading-related idea to write. is it? it’s bothering me why im not actively writing

yes, now i mostly read fiction, matter a fact, it’s been 2-3 months since i read my last book. wrote it at last article, maybe this because i read Siddhartha, or maybe due the accumulation something inside my head that bring me closer to God. but i’m glad, maybe sometimes it’s important to give the brain time to grow and reflect, create new connections. It’s a muscle like any other.

so, i wrote this to clear thing inside my head and hope this can be a good read for anyone feeling the same.


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