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if you follow our blog, since mid September we publish a dedicated watchlist page, why? because we do not like a watchlist post mixed up with so called ‘deep thought’ post. hahaha. feel free to visit our watchlist at our notion page here


in that page already posted 9 watchlist, we’ll do review and some confession here:

  • GIAA. act like we prepared. sold when it hit the first R then retrace, confession: we thought about buyback if 555 penetrated, but due the next resistant is too close, we didnt bought it.
  • MIKA. we played it well, we sold it at near the top. confession: now the price is forming a good diagonal resistant, we’ll see about it. if the price close > 2780, maybe we’ll buy it. stay tune at our watchlist page!
  • MNCN. we have a high confidence about this setup, but after the price rejected at 5/9, its give us a sign it will be sideways for a while. confession: we keep buying when the price break that 5/9 level although we know we maybe tricked with false break out and we was! but as you can see, we tricked once, but now we still ride the price.
  • CPIN. maybe this stock should be our biggest ride but it’s not. sold it too prematurely, doesn’t think it will penetrated it’s ma50 weekly due the market condition. but here we are 22% more since we sold it. confession: right now we do have CPIN. yes. you read it right. bought it at 7/11. why we didnt post it at watchlist page? because the R:R is not good enough. but we still believe the target is 8700 but you all should get better and we always deliver the best of the best only
  • SSIA. it’s a unplanned buy, so it’s a instant sell. #noregret
  • UNTR. we’ll now we have a strong sign from UNTR. like we wrote at watchlist page, sold it due the overall market condition. do we want to buy it back? don’t think so, because the R:R is not good anymore.
  • BSDE. we already knew BSDE is a different beast than the others, like INCO it always has high volatility. ALWAYS!. so getting swept from our to straightforward stoplose is very common, should have a special stop lose for this kind of beast. and we didnt do it. confession: wont do buy back.

only 7 buys in 2 months! it’s good isn’t it? with this kind of market we should very selective.

confession: we do have, bought and sold others stocks, i.e ISSP, HRME, DEAL, JAST, BJBR, and many others. but we only post at our watchlist the best of the best.

our portfolio now consist of 7 stocks. here are they:

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